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Product Overview
Communication schema
Key features
SunLINE SDK modules
Examples of using
System Requirements
Licencing and pricing

Product Overview

Create your own client/server VFP applications for access to remote DBF data and components.

Visual FoxPro has excellent ability to work with local DBF tables, even with remote data of SQL server. However, what if we need access huge DBF data stored for example somewhere at another end of the country?

Options of remote access to DBF data:

  • OFF-LINE: Cheap solution, but we have to replicate the data (we can do it in different ways, but the result is always the same – data are not current at that time)
  • ON-LINE via Terminal services: Applications and data are stored on the same server – smart solution, but it needs investments into terminal server and good internet connections
  • SunLINE !

SunSoft SunLINE SDK is a set of VFP libraries designed for software developers. It allows development of client/server solutions using TCP/IP  protocol without need of special expensive application or database servers and clients.

SunLine SDK for VFP provides both application VFP server and client VFP APP components for integrating into developer solutions. These components allow connect local computers to remote computers over LAN or internet using TCP/IP protocol with VFP commands executed on the remote computer. The client PC can get access to all local DBF data and sources of the remote computer using VFP commands in PRG scripts. One client application can work with more server stations.

SunLINE is recommended to use with Overbond system (FORTE company), which provides easy and safe internet connection of computers.

You can find detailed description of SunLINE SDK for VFP 1.0 in the documentation.

Communication schema

SunLINE SDK key features
  • With SunLINE you can create VFP client/server application for work with DBF data and for access to local sources of remote computer.
  • Application server SunLINE is driven by VFP PRG scripts, which are written on the client side of application – thus the application logic is not stored on the server but in the client application code. By this process, developer can expand its functionality without modification of server code.
  • All components of SunLINE SDK have been written in Visual FoxPro 9.0. SunLINE client scripts are based on VFP 9 language and allow using all non-visual VFP 9 commands (basically it is standard PRG). Thus can client application effectively manipulate with DBF data and other local data and functions on the server side.
  • Client and server are interconvertible (dual) systems – you can install client and server parts of SunLINE on both computers. It allows using extended client/server/client functionality; systems are changing roles according to current requirement.

SunLINE SDK modules

SunLINE Client
VFP APP (COM) class library, you can include it to any VFP application. Application with integrated SunLINE client runs on client PC. Component contains four key functions:

  • PutFile() – transfers selected file from client PC to server PC and saves it to given place.
  • GetFile() – transfers selected file from certain place on server PC to client PC.
  • ExecRemoteScript() – executes any non-visual command line written in Visual FoxPro 9.0 language on server PC. After the script execution the client application can get from the server return value.
  • ExecRemoteScriptFile() – executes the script (sequence of VFP commands) on server PC. After the script execution, the client application obtains from the server STRING return value, which can contain code execution result or real data processed by the VFP server.

SunLINE Server
VFP executable file running in hidden mode on server PC. Basically it represents universal application server driven by VFP commands and scripts from client PC. It can be run multiply according to need; it provides parallel execution of various tasks on server PC (bypassing multithreading J). It communicates with client application over ports 9101 – 9199.

SunLINE Listener
VFP executable file running in hidden mode on server PC (it is shown only in SysTray). It provides communication between client and server components. It works on port 9100.

Examples of using

ON–LINE connection of central and remote sales point
Server components SunLINE are running in central company and also in the branch of the company. The  SunLINE client component is integrated in the VFP ERP application. We give you two examples of mutual cooperation of two branches for illustration.

  • On–line cash balance – Appropriate DBF files are transferred from branch within the cash balance process to the central. Then starts up server script and appends these data to central data and executes stock update.
  • On–line price update – After the retail price update in central, the revision file is transferred to the branch and then it starts up the script, which executes retail prices update in the cash system.

Automated data collection and consolidation from remote work places
Client application runs in central at scheduled time. Firstly it starts up server script in individual remote work places, which executes appropriate commands over DBF, MS Access or MS SQL databases. It saves achieved result to DBF file and transfers it to central. Finally it merges all collected data to consolidated report and creates manager output by MS Excel automation.

Demonstration of using SunLINE VFP script in client application

  oSL = NEWOBJECT('Sunline')
  oSL.SunLine.RemoteHost.IP = ''
  oSL.SunLine.RemoteHost.Port = 9100

  remoteDatetime = oSL.SunLine.ExecRemoteScript('return Datetime()')
&& contains date and time on the remote computer


In this case, client application creates on remote computer server global variable assigned with actual date and time and returns this value to client application for next use.

System Requirements

For client and server (own security)

  • Client development requires Microsoft VFP 9.0 (8.0 SP1)
  • Windows XP
  • Permanent connection to internet with public IP addresses and open ports 9100 – 9199.
  • ATTENTION, in this case it is necessary to secure connected computers by firewalls, eventually use VPN.

For client and server secured by Overbond system

  • Client development requires Microsoft VFP 9.0 (8.0 SP1)Windows XP
  • Overbond 3.0
  • Connection to internet (ISDN connection and more)
  • Free ports 9100 - 9199
  • Overbond provides security of every participating computer.

Licencing and pricing
Developers suite Price w/o VAT Price incl.VAT
SunLINE SDK 1.0 LITE (without source code)
Within this license, you can install application modules on unlimited number of computers. LITE version allows to establish only one connection per server, does not contain data encryption and contains limit for number of script lines used per session.


SunLINE SDK 1.0 (without source code)
Full version. Within this license, you can install application modules on unlimited number of computers.
160 EUR
(200 USD)
190 EUR
(238 USD)

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